How to Restrict Video for any region or country?

Youtube provides many feature to its video producers to ensure the quality and better service to it's users. One of their service is to restrict the video for any region or country. If you are a video producer at Youtube and don't wants your videos to be shown at specific region then this feature will help you.

To be able to use this feature, you should be a part of any Multi Channel Network (MCN). There are lots of MCN which provide membership and also give good revenue for your posted videos in their network.

While signing-up with any MCN, they will check your current channel and your work-plan. After approval you will get an email from Youtube for the confirmation about your membership with your MCN.

When your registration gets confirmed, check your Video Manager in your channel. To restrict any video for any region just select the dropdown available there alongwith the video poster image and you will find all settings there for the same.

After applying the restriction your particular video will not be available for that region for where it is forbidden to view.