How to watch Blocked Youtube videos?

There are many videos in Youtube which are region-restricted i.e. those videos are only available in allowed countries. If you are watching these types of videos from any blocked country for that video then following error message will appear:


To watch these types of video, you have to fake your location or watch it via any allowed country proxy.

You can try below trick to watch those videos:

  1. Using Google Translate as proxy:
    If the video is allowed in USA then you can watch it using this trick. Follow below steps to watch videos using Google as a proxy:
    • Open
    • Paste the Youtube link in the input text box and select your desirable language.
    • Now click the link generated in the translated box in the right. Enjoy the video.
  2. GenYoutube uses a set of measures to provide users with working videos. You can try watching the video here also.
    Watch it here by changing the URL to:
    Here gen is appended with the Youtube Video URL.